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Looking for a house in the Eindhoven area? I'll find it for you.

William the buyer's agent

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Hi, I'm William, your independent purchase advisor with over 17 years of experience. I would like to help you search, find and buy your new home successfully, a home where you feel good. Because buying a house is not something you do lightly. From housing advice and viewings to negotiations and final inspections. And do you have a question about financing, renovating, the structural state of the house, notarial deeds, moving or interior styling? Then I can help you with more than just real estate. I'll be your sparring partner, advisor on purchasing, and project manager for A tot Wonen.

William van Griensven


Search, Find, Buy!

How can I help you?

Are you orienting yourself on the housing market? Or do you already have your eye on the ideal house? I am here to help! A quick check of the sales contract? Know which houses fit your budget? Being stronger in negotiations? Total carefree? I do it for you!

Choose a package and decide how to use my expertise.

Do you want to work with a performance fee (the difference between the asking price and the ultimately lower purchase price)? Please let me know!

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Peggy T
Peggy T
Highly recommend William. He was very surportive and helpful during whole buying process. No matter what kind of conerns and questions, he would respone in time. Sometimes he even responded when he's off. He would listen to client's need and provide different support. I have no regrets to work with him. He helped me to smooth process and I really appreciate him.
Tyson Haney
Tyson Haney
Having successfully purchased 2 houses now, with William's assistance, I can't say enough about the quality of his services. Even in a difficult housing market, William has offered good purchase advice and managed the bidding process to a success. I believe that without his assistance, either my search would continue for an extended period of time and frustration, or I would overpay in order to win my home.
Yoni Pels
Yoni Pels
Hooking up William in our search for a new home has truly been the best decision! From the first meeting his enthusiasm and skills were evident. Through William's rapid action, up to almost the cent analyses and sharp advice we have after 4 viewings (1.5 months) already hit the mark. With the current housing market we would probably have spent an eternity longer searching independently. The name says it all "from A tot Wonen" and this also applies literally. Before the move we used the moving service and even now that we live there the service still continues. Highly recommended!
L Hermans
L Hermans
Partly with the help of William successfully purchased a home. William is clear, honest and open in communication. During viewings he carefully inspects the house and asks critical questions so you have a good picture of the state of the house. In short, William is highly recommended if you are going to buy a house!
Dennis van Zoggel
Dennis van Zoggel
William guided us with the purchase of two homes. The collaboration is characterized by a personal and honest approach, which I really appreciate. William is working closely with the client and is discussing the wishes carefully. This resulted in well chosen visits of objects. During these visits William is well informed about the state and is critical regarding the finishing level and necessary improvements. The advised bid prices are all well substantiated which is resulting in fair prices. To conclude we had a great collaboration with William and definitely will use his services in the future.
Roy the Bear
Roy the Bear
After a search of 1.5 years we called in the help of William. And that was with success! Thanks to his help we finally found a house. William is clear and pleasant in communication, we would definitely recommend him.
Faisal Nadeem
Faisal Nadeem
We've been looking for a home in Eindhoven for the past two years. We had no idea what we wanted or where we wanted to buy a house. William was recommended to us by a coworker who had purchased a home through him. We immediately recognized his extensive understanding of the housing sector and house appraisal during our initial encounter with him. He accompanied us to each home we saw, conducted the home evaluation, and offered his advice on each one. The surprising thing about William is that he never gave up hope when we were trying to buy a house. We visited about 25 houses with him, and he was always calm and patient in addressing our questions. He knew a lot of people and was able to get us everything we needed, including mortgage financing and notary services. His negotiating skills made things simple for us, and we have great trust in him. He will be our first pick if we decide to upgrade or purchase another home in the future. If you're wanting to buy a house, I strongly advise you to contact him. Kind Regards, Faisal Nadeem
Jet Chang
Jet Chang
As a foreigner who is looking for a new home in the Netherlands, it can be quite hard as there are many unfamiliar/hidden things. Bidding is particularly hard in this overheating market. That's why I reached out to agents to help me. Working with William is such a great experience as he helps a lot to get through all the tough parts and patiently explains many things to me. Thanks a lot!
Chiang Mark
Chiang Mark
William helped me finding a house in the Eindhoven area (in a very short time) in this super competitive market. He is professional and gives effective and accurate suggestions. Additionally, he is proactive and always react to my questions very quickly. I would highly recommend William 🙂
Steven Bosch
Steven Bosch
In this market it is definitely advisable to look at houses together with a buying agent. We have experienced William as a good and professional real estate agent. He has helped us a lot with the search in a short time, because of this we have found a nice house within 3 months that fits our requirements. William works accurately and gives honest advice. We are satisfied with the service.

Successfully purchased homes

From my centrally located base in Boxtel I help many home seekers find their dream home within the geographical triangle of Eindhoven - 's-Hertogenbosch - Tilburg.

Veldhoven Galgenberg 21

This house can rightly be called ready to move in! This townhouse has an excellent level of finish, because it is completely modernized. "It was not the intention

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Dennekampke 10 Den Bosch

Purchased due to award and trust. It sometimes happens that sellers can choose between potential buyers. Because of emotional reasons of seller and mutual respect between parties,

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