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Have you been looking for your dream home for a while but can't find the one that meets all your living needs? Do you always miss the boat? Or do you simply not have the time to go house hunting intensively? I will help you find your dream home and take care of everything, from the search to handing over the keys.

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The housing market is overheated. The sale is going extremely fast. Would you like to be the first to view the house in peace and quiet? That is possible. I will actively search for secret houses. 

Houses without a sign in the garden. Houses that are not yet on Funda. Houses that perfectly match your budget and living preferences.

Purchase agent William van Griensven | Van A tot Wonen

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But I like to go a step further. Buying the house of your dreams involves more than just a negotiation, a valuation and a deed of sale. A house is only really a dream house when your living wishes are complete. For this I work together with various specialists.

It's just one phone call away!

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Found your dream house and ready to move? Then I'll arrange a free moving van!

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