Hello, we're William & Louise

Your purchase advisor

I'm William, your independent buying advisor. I am now 46 years old and live with my wife, daughter and dog in beautiful Boxtel.

I wake up every day and think, 'Yes, today I get to be part of someone's next stage of life again. How special is that?' 

As a buying agent, I meet people every day who are not just looking for a house. They are looking for their dream house, a real home.

It is fantastic to take this step together with them and to guide them in the best possible way.

William van Griensven, purchase agent from A to Wonen

Our office manager

Hi, I'm Louise. Behind the scenes I arrange all the documents, contracts and appointments. I keep an overview of your purchase process. 'I feel like a fish in the water here!'

At home in Boxtel, I live with my husband and my three daughters. Now that they are a bit older, I have my hands free as a volunteer at Ronald Mc Donald.

I also enjoy spending my free time playing tennis and jogging.

Purchase counseling gives me immense satisfaction. I help you get to the next phase of your life!

During our work your living wishes are always central and that is how we keep you on track!

Acquisition is not an afterthought for us

We go out of our way to help our customers at every step of the buying process. From A tot Wonen. And in doing so, we go a step further than the average real estate agent.

Many real estate agents focus primarily on selling houses. There is little time for actual searching. As realtors, we 100% focus on buying houses, which is why you are at the front of the queue with us. We are constantly searching, finding and purchasing your dream home.

We offer more than just brokerage. We assist you as a purchase advisor, sparring partner, reference point and project supervisor. Because during the purchase process you will soon come across other issues such as financing, zoning, renovation, moving or furnishing your new home. We are happy to think along and to offer you the right expert or professional.

You buy a house with your heart

As a purchasing agent, we put the client and the housing wishes central. Because you buy a house with your heart. We find that a wonderful starting point. Every client has their own story. That is why every purchase advice and every search is different. It is an intense collaboration in which office hours play no role. Would you like to spar with us? You can always call us, even in the evening while waiting for an exciting negotiation or just before the key transfer.

Want to get acquainted?

Buy with the assurance of a professional

The most important thing for us is that you have a good feeling about the purchase of your dream home. But you also want to be sure that you don't pay too much or have to deal with hidden defects. For example, did you know that as a buyer you have a duty to investigate? Thanks to the experience of the purchase agent, we know exactly what to look for during a viewing. And let the determination of a fair market value be our expertise!

19 years of experience

as a sales agent and purchase broker in Eindhoven, Tilburg, Den Bosch, Boxtel and surroundings.

Registered real estate agent Vastgoedcert

The quality register of real estate agents

Annual recertification K-RMT

Candidate register real estate agent valuer

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It was a great chance for us to cross paths with him. We were having trouble finding the house we needed and we asked for his support for the 'secret houses' which are not yet on the market.Instead of finding and showing a few houses in terms of score, he listened to our demands very well from the very beginning and worked like a family member to find a suitable place where we can feel like home. Incredibly, he hit the jackpot in the first house he found for us.He is someone who understands cultural differences and make his plan accordingly.For an immigrant who does not know which tricks to use in a new environment, the guidance of someone who knows the market is very important. Even you feel like you are spending money at first, you can see that you make a big profit afterwards.We highly recommend him 100% especially to expats like us. We are very happy to know him. Moreover, I can not go without mentioning financial support. Upon our request, he also directed us to Nick Wesselman, an expert financial advisor, who is also a wonderful person. He answered our questions on every subject, supported us to the end, and helped us find the right bank with the most suitable mortgage rates according to our conditions. We probably made 2 new great friends:) Ece&Barış
Chiao-Ting Li
Chiao-Ting Li
William is a very good and dedicated real estate agent! Thanks to his experience and knowledge about the real estate around the Eindhoven area, he helped me find and buy my apartment extremely quickly. With his recommendation, we acted quickly to submit a bit within the same date after the viewing. Because of his analyses and advices, I felt confident and comfortable to make the bidding decision and the process was much less stressful. I highly recommend his great service.
Nice to find a new house together with William
marion van zandvoort
marion van zandvoort
Grateful for William's expert help and wise counsel. He unburdens and checks and figures out everything in detail but in addition William is an incredibly nice warm hearted person . He made the purchase much easier for me! William thank you🙏
Dheeraj Ravi
Dheeraj Ravi
As an expat, navigating the Dutch real estate market can be daunting, but William made the entire process smooth and stress-free for us. From our first meeting in Boxtel, it was clear that William had a deep understanding of the local real estate market and was committed to helping us find the perfect home. He genuinely took the time to listen to our needs and preferences, and worked with us to find properties that fit our criteria. He was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had, and made sure we had all the information we needed to make informed decisions. But what stood out for us was not the professionalism (which many people may have), but rather the personal touch that William brought to the entire process. He truly understood that buying a house was a monumental decision and did not rush us into a decision for the sake of it. We would highly recommend William for your buying agent services. Thanks a lot, William - it was a genuine pleasure interacting with you!
Rieky mold
Rieky mold
Thanks in part to William's correct advice and proffecional underpinning, I made the right offer on the house I want. In addition, the contact is very smooth and friendly. William gives you the feeling of confidence which is desired when buying a house. You are easily led by emotion, William guides you step by step to the final goal. Yes in the pocket!
Very nice buyer agent
ahmet tanlak
ahmet tanlak
We are glad to work with William due to his broad experience on house market and perfect advices. He was always with us during all housing process. Moreover, he has strong observation on each house visit that makes us to realize the points we could not recognize. At the end, we finally found our dream house with his help. We are strongly recommend anybody to work with him.