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What's a secret house?

A secret house is a house that is for sale, but not yet offered anywhere. The house is not on Funda, Facebook or on the site of a sales agent. This way of buying/selling offers both parties the opportunity to make a well-considered decision. Because buying or selling a house is not something you do lightly.

Secret house | Purchase agent from A to Wonen

Sell a secret house

Do you have moving plans but want to sell your house free of charge and in peace? Maybe I've already found the perfect buyer for your house! No 'For Sale' sign in your garden or pictures on the internet. Selling your house as a 'secret house' means selling in silence, without time pressure, in consultation and for a market price. After finding a buyer, you can start looking for your dream house with peace of mind!  

Take a quick look to see if your house matches any of the search profiles below. Do you know someone with moving plans and do you have the golden tip? Then you will earn a dinner voucher of no less than € 100,- !

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