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Louise Vermeiren. Our office manager.

Meet Louise Vermeiren. Please introduce yourself: Hi, my name is Louise. I have been working as an office manager at Van A tot Wonen since September 2021. I am married to Marcel and we have three daughters together. I live in Boxtel. In my spare time I play tennis and go running. After years of working [...]

Kasteellaan 5 Boxtel

A property in center location close to all amenities with stores and central station within walking distance. Suitable for now and the future. That had to be it! But a house that is for sale longer than two months, there must be something wrong with it ... right? Not so. These are sometimes 'diamonds in the rough' that still [...]

Pelgrimshei 38 Best

The deed of sale is signed. Clients are very satisfied. That's what I do it for! I found this beautifully located apartment through a search. The house was not yet on Funda. So it was sold before the market! A so-called secret house. Available, but not yet listed on Funda. A seller attaches great value to financial information.

Deken de Wijsstraat 16 Boxtel

Finally, the puzzle is complete: You have sold your own beautiful home and an attractive house in your dream location is within reach. Through trust, the ability to think along with you and a critical eye, together we were able to purchase this house full of possibilities. Just a few more weeks of patience and then the # house can be handed over. #dream location # sales coach [...]

Robert Schumanlaan 2 Boxtel

Successfully purchased! After having seen several different houses, we went to this palace. After the viewing no doubt: In the rose! The same day we made an offer. The right purchase strategy offers priority over other bidders. And the purchase price? In accordance with value, even in this heated housing market. In a few months back to Boxtel, in [...]

Tongelresestraat 397 Eindhoven

Successfully bought for buying clients: Semi-detached townhouse in Eindhoven. Several bidders, but still successful! Visited 3 houses beforehand with buying clients: a real fixer-upper, a house with needed maintenance and a ready-to-use, characteristic house. Choose your own purchase agent and take on the challenge together! Make sure you have the best purchase strategy and give yourself the best chance to succeed! #characteristic #atmospheric #research [...]

Merellaan 6 Valkenswaard

Holiday atmosphere in your own home. This Austrian house, on idyllic residential location on the northern edge of Valkenswaard. Truly written to the body of my clients. With beautiful weather in prospect, it will be wonderful to enjoy this veranda with fireplace in the midst of nature! Under the guise of: Live your dreams, now.

Sandfish 116 Eindhoven

The sale is final! Purchased in this street in the district #Meerhoven #040. The district where you have to stand in line to buy a house, at least without a buying agent. This house has not been on funda: A #secret house: for sale, but not yet offered anywhere. This # home was bought without # time pressure and # deliberate [...]

Brederodeweg 4 Boxtel

Several experts studied this beautiful house before the purchase decision was made. A process that did not take place overnight. Partly thanks to the cooperation of the sellers, a well-considered decision was made in peace. After all, this is one of the biggest purchases of your life. I wish my clients [...]

Middelburglaan 36 's-Hertogenbosch

Another house successfully purchased in 's-Hertogenbosch. My clients, an enthusiastic young couple, can't wait to get the keys. And what a satisfaction it is to keep making house hunters happy! Would you like to buy a house? With a buying agent from A tot Wonen you will be stronger.