Bosscheweg 22 Boxtel

This beautiful detached house in the center of Boxtel was purchased by my clients before the market out. It was the wish of the current owners to dispose of the house 'quietly'. We went through an extremely pleasant process together with the sellers and their children. I would therefore like to [...] them.

Gladiolenhof 9 Schijndel

Thanks to quick switching from the purchase advisor, we were at the front of the line! This spacious single-family home with carport immediately caught the eye of our clients. A diamond in the rough that still needs to be polished. In other words, a house with a lot of potential! Through our network we were quickly there. Even before other house hunters could view, we had the [...]

Park Rangers 6 Best

Not seen on Funda? That's right! Purchased within our own network. The owner of this home found our buying client. We are also regularly approached by home sellers. We screen our purchasing clients in advance for both housing needs and mortgage possibilities. Before that, we don't start looking! As a result, we not only help homebuyers with their chances of success. [...]

Zeelsterstraat 174 Eindhoven

This well maintained 1930s house was purchased by our purchasing customer who will soon be able to live there wonderfully. Close to downtown Eindhoven and within cycling distance of his work. The house is awarded to him by the sellers. There were several bids on this house, however, our client could offer the most security. It is not [...]

Zandvliet 43 Boxtel

Lots of space both inside and outside! This nice semi-bungalow with garden and close to the amenities of 't village. The goal of our search was to find a house that is on one level. We visited several houses, but this one stood out. The transition from a large house with ditto garden to a smaller house is [...]

Onderwijsboulevard 428 's-Hertogenbosch

Successfully purchased in the bustling in 's-Hertogenbosch. The purchase client was well prepared. We were ready to start and therefore at the front of the queue. Because we were the first to view the apartment and as purchasing agents are well aware of the real market value of these apartments, we were able to move quickly. We got a [...]

Grote Berg 64b Eindhoven

A beautiful apartment on A-location, in the middle of downtown Eindhoven! This fantastic 3-bedroom apartment with bicycle storage and private parking has a just finishing level. The property is located in a relatively young and well maintained building. When buying an apartment you should always pay close attention to the condition of the complex in [...].

De Hoef 20 Boxtel

Ideal for a small family or couple without children. It is like living in a vacation home. It is a bright an attractive house with a nice garden. I have had wonderful years there, said the saleswoman. Now it is the turn of new residents who hopefully will also enjoy making it their home [...].

Burgakker 21 Boxtel

In the end, we all pulled it off. Never knew that a buying agent could help you so much in finding your dream home. Not only help, with this buying agent I was able to realize my dream home and for that I am very grateful to William and his team. Says our client. Here we are quite a bit [...].

Auvergnelaan 22 Eindhoven

Beautiful semi-detached house with spacious living, nice bedrooms and wide garden with veranda. For a nice family we looked at several houses in Eindhoven, Helmond and Waalre. As so often, the last house is also the best house. We can say that their dream house has been found. There are still a few wishes like [...]