Veldhoven Galgenberg 21

This house can rightly be called ready to move in! This terraced house has an excellent finish, because it is completely modernized. "It was also not the intention to sell this house, but sometimes things run differently than planned said the seller." Located in the child-friendly neighborhood Heikant in Veldhoven, quietly situated on a courtyard, near several [...]

Newtonplein 27 Boxtel

Space, comfort and location. All a big 10. It was a tough search. Flyers were distributed. Letters were passed around. The network was deployed and several secret houses were viewed. Finally, the fourth house hit the mark!

Dennekampke 10 Den Bosch

Purchased due to award and trust. It sometimes happens that sellers can choose between potential buyers. Due to emotional reasons of seller and mutual respect between parties, a (slight) preference may arise. Client had been surveying the house for a few weeks. A structural consultant had already visited and their financial advisor had already [...]

Houtblazersstraat 22 Eindhoven

Successfully bought! This modern family home at 22 Houtblazersstraat in the sought-after Berckelbosch in Eindhoven. Client was looking for a young A-label house with high insulation values and low energy costs. We noticed that there is an increasing demand for this, especially because of the high gas and electricity bills! In addition, the client wanted to be relieved [...]

Goudsbloemstraat 15 Rosmalen

Successfully purchased! Spacious semi-detached house on ditto plot located near the cozy center of Rosmalen. As usual, there were several 'hijackers on the coast'. Ultimately there can only be one buyer! On what basis does a seller choose the right buyer? It is a combination of price, conditions and last but not least...offering security. [...]

Trompstraat 52 Dongen

WOW, isn't it a picture? Our home seekers have found a diamond in the rough. One that may be polished. Making this beautiful detached home your own will go with a big smile. Several homes were passed and bid on during the search but in the end the most beautiful home was successfully purchased.

Jachtlaan 4b Middelbeers

Not seen on Funda? That's right ... this house was successfully purchased within our own network! A detached country house with an oasis of green around it, on the edge of the forest and the cozy village center of Middelbeers. The residential location was not quite sharp: Boxtel, Schijndel, Groeningen, Breda, Goirle, Heesch all passed by. Each time was [...]

Charlevillehof 27 Eindhoven

This beautiful townhouse can truly be called move-in ready. Successfully bought! Our clients are expats who like to live within cycling distance of work in a nice environment close to amenities. Do you already have your eye on a house and is the bidding deadline in sight? Call us, then we drink a cup of coffee together and together we will [...]

Hobbendonkseweg 108 Boxtel

"A house for first-timers? On the one hand, yes. On the other hand, you have to come from good homes if you want to finance this. Not to mention the necessary modifications and improvements. Successfully purchased through Van A tot Wonen. This single-family house has been rented for years. Architecturally in good condition. Now the finishing touch! Together with the clients [...]

Adenauerlaan 68 Vlijmen

Successfully purchased! This time on request to the fine residential area 'Vijfhoeven' in Vlijmen. Semi-detached house with many possibilities, privacy garden and large driveway. Client specifically chooses this house to be able to renovate and modernize according to their own wishes. The (necessary) renovations will increase the market value of the house.